How to make a batch file

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A batch file, also known as a BAT file, is a file that launches things. You can make a message box with your own personalized text. It’s great for pranks! This post will tell you how to make one.how2makebatfile

Step 1. open notepad and type this:

@echo off


If you want to make it so that when you click OK another message comes up, just hit ENTER and type:


The end result will be somthing like this:

@echo off



step 2. Add your text after the msg* and save the file as whateveryouwant.bat. Step 3. Open the file by double clicking and a message window should come up. It will look somthing like this but with your own text and user:


Pop Cans!

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I really need to update my blog! Every time I make an invention it breaks before I can post it.

Anyways, I’m collecting pop cans so if you have any just contact me by the comments or by emailing me at

Also, soon I will be adding a computer tips section so stay tuned!

Tin Can Telephones

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Well this is what I thought would happen, no new inventions yet. It’s not that Erik hasn’t been inventing, it’s just that some inventions have gotten broken, or they aren’t blog worthy or he’s waiting on me for a item, like the gum-balls he wants for his gum-ball dispenser. He did make a phone/instrument of destruction, but after I explained that wasn’t blog appropriate, we decided not to post that.

But here is a copy of what Erik had posted all over the house last night. I haven’t tried to call the number yet, I need to find a working tin-can telephone first… but I’m happy that he wants to solve my problems, apparently just not while he’s at school.